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Small business challenges listed by Vic Di Criscio that owners must be ready to tackle

Vic Di Criscio

Starting a business is very challenging for entrepreneurs. But the bigger challenge is to keep the business going and making it grow. Challenges are a way of life for entrepreneurs. And they must learn how to progress by overcoming various hurdles along their way to pursue their business goals. They face challenges at every step, from financing to hiring employees to brand building and many more activities. Those faced by small businesses are quite different from those faced by large organizations, explains Vic Di Criscio. Moreover, many challenges of small businesses are unique too.  In this article, you will learn about some common challenges that most small business owners face.

Beware of Client dependence warns Vic Di Criscio

Maintaining a smooth cash flow is one of the biggest challenges for small business owners. Who depend heavily on a few good clients that give big business and make timely payments to keep the cash flowing smoothly. However, relying too much on a few significant clients could lead. To some major problems down the line, as it happens when you put all eggs in one basket. Although some clients contribute handsomely to support the business, focusing exclusively on them can prove detrimental in the long run. Over-dependence leads to a condition where the business owner acts as a sub-contractor to the client that exposes. Their small business to the client’s business risks. The risk of unstable and inconsistent demand of the client is also a threat to small businesses.

Managing finances

Small business owners must know, an aptitude for managing. The inflow of revenue as the business keeps rolling to maintain a steady cash flow. Despite having the knowledge and skills to manage your finances. As a business owner or entrepreneur who has too many tasks to perform. It is better to hire a professional accountant to handle money management and maintain the accounts. Accounting problems are often the most common stumbling block, and the only way to keep things. Under control is to hire professional expertise that can set the house in order.


Business owners often work for extended hours and try to go beyond their capabilities, which can be too stressful if continued for long. They often fear that their brief absence could hamper. The business prospects and increase their workload, fearing that even the slightest slackness could harm the business. Excessive stress causes fatigue, and ultimately, they fail to do justice. To their job by failing to make the right decisions that can adversely affect the business. Learning to cope with stress without allowing it to get the better of you is the way to contribute positively.

Founder-centric business operations

Although most small businesses are proprietorship in nature. It still requires a proper business hierarchy so that there are people to run the show even when the owner is away for some time. You must create an organizational hierarchy by delegating responsibilities and even decision-making. So that there is no room for over-dependence on the owner. 

Businesses that are one-man shows face an uncertain future.